University of Toronto
Honours Bachelor of Science
Computer Science Co-op Specialist, Software Engineering

Courses Taken

CSCA08: Introduction to Computer Science I

CSCA48: Introduction to Computer Science II

CSCA67: Discrete Mathematics

CSCB07: Software Design

CSCB09: Software Tools & Systems Programming

CSCB36: Introduction to the Theory of Computation

CSCC01: Introduction to Software Engineering

CSCD27: Computer & Network Security

MATA31: Calculus I for Mathematical Sciences

MATA37: Calculus II for Mathematical Sciences

MATA23: Linear Algebra I

MATB24: Linear Algebra II


An interactive platform for students to lend and borrow school supplies.
Created at UofTHacks IV
RBC DigiLoans
A web application built for small-business owners to easily apply for loans.
Created at the RBC's Next Great Innovator Hackathon
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